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Will my mobile phone work?

There is limited Telstra mobile phone coverage at Cobbold Village, around the Bar / Coffee shop plus the front deck at Reception using your own phone and data. We’re on a Booster from the Telstra Tower at Forsayth, 45km away, so service can be intermittent.
For everyone else, there are no phone calls or SMS messages. Enjoy the digital detox and tell your loved ones beforehand the dates you’re away for your amazing adventure.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

At Cobbold Village we offer our guests limited complimentary Wi-Fi internet access which is available around the Bar, Pool and Reception areas.
Due to our remote location, there are no fast connectivity or speeds. To to ensure all guests can access the service, we limit each connection to 512KBPS, and during busy times this may be further reduced.
We ask that you refrain from using high bandwidth services and applications while you’re here (perhaps enjoy a Digital Detox instead!). Thanks for your understanding.

Where can I plug in my phone charger?

If you’re enjoying relaxed bush camping (aka – unpowered camp sites), you’re able to charge your phones in our camp kitchen.

Is there internet coverage?

If you have a Telstra phone, you can access internet through your phone data (remember, we have limited coverage here).

Will my satellite TV work?

You may get coverage if you have a satellite dish & satellite finder (or make friends with someone who has!). Otherwise, we do sometimes screen ‘important’ sporting fixtures on the big screen at MacDonalds Deck.

Does radio work?

It’s intermittent – you might get radio coverage on a.m. bandwidth to listen to this week’s footy match, otherwise catch up at MacDonalds Bar and discuss who you think will win.

Do you sell newspapers?

There are no newspaper deliveries here, so make your own news! Gather around your campfire, or the nightly communal campfire on the dam wall – and solve the problems of the world while toasting marshmallows or enjoying a nightcap.


Can I bring my pets to Cobbold Gorge?

Pets are welcome at Cobbold Village if you’re caravanning or camping in your own rig, however pets are not permitted in accommodation / cabins.

  • Pet owners must take full responsibility for their pets, including cleaning up after your pet and ensuring they do not disturb other guests.
  • Pets are not permitted in accommodation or communal areas such as MacDonalds Bar & Bistro, the swimming pool or Reception and surrounding areas.
  • Dogs must always be restrained on a leash.   Cats must always be caged or kept within their caravan at all times.
  • We do have short walks from Cobbold Village around the property, however again, the dogs must always remain on a leash, as this is a working cattle station.

No animals allowed on tours. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure their pet is kept safe within their caravan / site while the guest is on gorge tour and is not a nuisance to others. Some guests choose to do separate tours so one person can remain with their fur-babies (if required).

All pet owners, whether you have expressly agreed or not, assume liability regarding your pet being on our premises and indemnify us against all and any damages, all or any claim or other suits that may arise as a result of your pet being anywhere in Cobbold Village or the surrounding cattle station.

Do you offer pet sitting?

Cobbold Village does not provide pet sitting facilities while you’re on tour, some guests choose to do separate tours so one person can remain with their fur-babies (if required).
Day Visitors are advised not to bring their pets with them to Cobbold Village while they tour the gorge, as their fur-babies would need to remain in their vehicle, which is not recommended.

Is it OK to feed the wildlife?

There’s loads of wildlife at Cobbold Gorge and around Cobbold Village, check out our wildlife page to learn more about who you might spot while you’re here.

Wildlife conservation is important, so please help us keep the animals and birds wild and healthy by not feeding them – as it encourages bad behaviour in them (expecting food) and can make them sick. Also ensure your food is well covered and rubbish securely stored in rubbish bins provided. No animals or plants are to be taken from the area.

Can I go fishing in the gorge?

At certain times of year (depending on water level and fish!) you can fish at the Village dam. Fishing and netting are not permitted at Cobbold Gorge.

However, if you’re up for a fishing experience with a difference, consider our Heli-fishing adventure (maximum three guests). On your heli-fishing charter, you’ll fly to Fish Hole, an almost untouched fishing hole at the base of the Newcastle Ranges, with the chance to catch Black Bream (Sooty Grunter) and Sleepy Cod as well as other varieties of fish, while enjoying lunch and beer (food and drink provided).

Now that’s a great fishing tale to tell!

Note – Heli fishing does not operate all year round, so simply email the friendly team at Reception regarding availability.

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Cobbold Gorge is now closed

Cobbold Gorge is now closed

We’ll reopen 1 April 2022

Cobbold Gorge is closed over summer, however you still have the opportunity to organise your 2022 Cobbold trip for an amazing outback adventure. It’s easy, simply book now.

If you have any queries, please email us or phone 07 4062 5470 (please note our office is staffed for limited hours).

Enjoy the festive break and we look forward to welcoming you next year.


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