Australia’s Gulf Savannah occupies about a quarter of the continent. At around 1.9 million square kilometers it’s roughly the same size as Mexico and Saudi Arabia. This vast landscape spans 19 different bio-regions across two mainland states and one territory. It’s a country which has been lived in by the indigenous peoples for thousands of years, seen explorers come and go, gold rushes and cattle stations. The weather here is harsh. The land can be unforgiving for those not familiar with its terrain. Today, the Gulf Savannah is relatively unpopulated, lying under a mostly big blue sky, grazed by various cattle and native fauna.

When flying over or driving through the tropical savannahs, they might at first glance be seen to be an empty land. However, on closer inspection, the Gulf Savannah is dotted with unique geological formations and features that make up one of the most unique landscapes in the world. It attracts visitors, film makers and artists from far and wide, who are all drawn to the region by its immense beauty and clear light, finding inspiration around every corner. The Gulf Savannah region contains a wealth of things to see and do, whether you are on the road for a day, week, month or even a year.

For more information on the attractions and features of the Gulf Savannah region, please visit the Unearth Etheridge or Savannah Way websites. Other additional online resources include: Etheridge Shire Council, Tourism Tropical North Queensland, Tourism Queensland, Queensland Parks and Wildlife and Savannah Guides.

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Cobbold Gorge is now closed

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