The main criterion in the establishment of Cobbold Gorge Tours and to this day, is that the operation is conducted with minimum impact on the environment. In 2009, the Terry family established the 4,720 hectare Cobbold Gorge Nature Refuge. A Nature Refuge is a voluntary agreement between a landholder and the Queensland Government that acknowledges a commitment to manage and preserve land with significant conservation and or cultural values, while allowing compatible and sustainable land uses to continue. Nature Refuges are perpetual, registrable on title and bind successive owners or lessees of the land. Nature refuges not only reflect the significant values on the land, but also the effective management to maintain them over time.

“Creating more nature refuges on private land could be the best way to protect animals from the effects of climate change, the Queensland Government says.”
extract By Eric Tlozek 2 Jun 2015.


The Cobbold Gorge Nature Refuge was formed on 5 June 2009. It protects rare and vulnerable plant species, including the Solanum carduiforme, the rare Gilbert River ghost gum (Corymbia gilbertensis), Dodoaea oxyptera, labichea brassii and Leptospermum pallidum. The area also forms wildlife corridors and catchment linkages and protects several regional ecosystems not otherwise represented.

Cobbold Gorge Tours secured funding through Northern Gulf Resource Management Group for the Cobbold Gorge Nature Refuge Project, which targets pests and weeds in the Refuge. The project commenced mid 2014.

So, how can you help us in our vision of sustainable ecotourism during your stay and touring with us? Be water wise; only use what is necessary. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle wherever possible. Travel with friends, or even better, phone us about available transfers. Buy local and keep local businesses alive. Being an ECO Tourist is easy, if we think before we act.

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Cobbold Gorge is now closed

Cobbold Gorge is now closed

We’ll reopen 1 April 2022

Cobbold Gorge is closed over summer, however you still have the opportunity to organise your 2022 Cobbold trip for an amazing outback adventure. It’s easy, simply book now.

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Enjoy the festive break and we look forward to welcoming you next year.


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