Fun for everyone! When try your hand at fossicking you may just find yourself a new hobby. And the best Queensland fossicking site for agates is undoubtedly the nearby Agate Creek area, world renowned for agates of superb colours and patterns – so it’s perfect for a day trip from Cobbold Village.

Agates occur as banded gemstones of finely grained microcrystalline quartz. The lovely colourful patterns and banding make this translucent gemstone unique. Agates can have many distinctive styles and patterns, but each agate is unique and no two agates are the same.

The Agate Creek Fossicking Area was established in 1995 by the then Department of Mines and Energy with the cooperation of landowners and the Etheridge Shire Council. It’s about 30km from Cobbold Village by gravel road, which is suitable for conventional vehicles, but may be impassable in the wet season. The fossicking area is on privately-owned property and camping is not permitted – but access to the site from Cobbold Village is easy and makes a fossicking day trip relaxed and fun. Simply pack a picnic, plenty of drinking water, a bucket to carry your gems, plus wear covered shoes, hat and sunblock and set off (a Map is available from Reception). Then once you’re done, return to Cobbold Village and enjoy our luxurious modern amenities, including MacDonalds Deck licensed Bar and Bistro and infinity swimming pool. Maybe even a Cobbold Cocktail or two to celebrate.

You may not strike it rich, but you’ll have a great time! Pictured here are some ‘raw’ agates as picked up by one of our guests, then the ‘after shot’ from when they took them home and tumbled them.

Please note fossicking for gemstones in Queensland is a regulated activity that requires a Fossickers Licence. They can be purchased online. Licence holders do not need further permission from the landholder to enter the gazetted fossicking area to fossick.


Hoping to strike gold? The Forsayth area is a small part of the Etheridge Goldfields that was originally opened up by gold prospectors in the late 1800’s. Nowadays the attraction of finding gold, precious gemstones and agates lures many regular and new visitors to the region. Some of the more popular locations for fossicking in our part of this great state include (but are not limited to) Long Gully (gold), Dells Hole (gold), Western Creek (gold) and Agate Creek (agates and thunder eggs). Please note that fees apply at each of these areas for prospecting, fossicking and bush camping.

So, let’s talk about this shiny precious metal you’re hoping to find – gold. You might be surprised to learn that gold nuggets of varying sizes are still being located by local and visiting prospectors in the Forsayth town common areas and on most station properties. Lucky prospectors are using the latest state-of-the-art metal detectors to unearth this gold which was missed in the rushes of the early days. There are also approximately three operational gold mines in the area, producing small amounts of gold.

If you’re planning on incorporating some gold prospecting into your visit and/or stay, please note you’ll need to obtain a Queensland fossicking licence, and these can be purchased online.
Good luck!

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