Scenic helicopter flights over Cobbold Gorge reveal the true scale of the gorge, amongst its surrounding sandstone escarpments and savannah grasslands. Our helicopter flights are a thrilling and unforgettable experience. There simply is no better way to appreciate the vastness and beauty of the Gulf Savannah region, than from the air. We operate scenic helicopter flights throughout the day. They can be booked in 15-minute or 30-minute durations. We also offer a stunning, sunset heli-picnic which includes a cheese platter and your choice of wine. For the mad keen fisher folk, we offer an exclusive charter heli-fishing adventure to Fish Hole, which is located on the station.

Please note there’s a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 3 people on our scenic helicopter flights. The 15-minute and 30-minute flights operate throughout the day, daily. In addition to our set tours, which are outlined below, the options for helicopter flights are limited only by your imagination and budget. You come up with the idea or destination and we’ll negotiate a price. From gem fossicking at Agate Creek, to an extended charter exploring the many hidden gorges or chasms that dot our outback landscape. Bookings are essential. Book today to secure your preferred date, fight and time.


Take in more than 80 square kilometres of striking parallel fractures in the Hampstead Sandstone, which have been caused by movement along the Robertson Fault line. See Cobbold Gorge in perspective and trace its origins as it winds through the sandstone. Fly along the Robertston River and Agate Creek, before coming back and doing a lap around the village. Minimum 2, maximum 3 passengers.

Sandstone Discovery – 15 Minute Scenic Helicopter Flight – 2021 Rates
1 Person $154pp Book Now
2 People$154pp Book Now
3 People$154pp Book Now
Scenic Helicopter Flight Cobbold Gorge


Realise the vast area of Howlong Station as we fly to the Tin Mine Mountains in the heart of the property. View Quartz Blow lookout and numerous quartz veins running up the sides of the mountains, as the Robertson River meanders below. See where Simon Terry spent his childhood in a mustering camp built by the Clark family and look for bird life on the picturesque Kimberly Sue Lake. This tour then moves on to the Sandstone Discovery. Minimum 2, maximum 3 passengers.

Heli Property Tour – 30 Minute Scenic Helicopter Flight – 2021 Rates
1 Person $307pp Book Now
2 People$307pp Book Now
3 People$227pp Book Now

Sunset Heli-Picnic 60 MINUTES

This is a true outback experience you’ll never forget! Departing Cobbold Village by helicopter, you’ll land on top of the sandstone in an exclusive outback location, visited by only a handful of people. Our Sunset Point location overlooks Agate Creek and the Hampstead Sandstone formations, making it the perfect place to enjoy a cheese platter with your choice of wine, before taking off again into the sunset. Minimum 2, maximum 3 passengers.

Sunset Heli-Picnic – 60 Minutes – 2021 Rates
1 Person $288 Book Now
2 People$288 Book Now
3 People$288 Book Now
Scenic Helicopter Flight Cobbold Gorge

Heli Fishing Adventure 4.5/5 HOURS

Fly to Fish Hole on this heli-fishing charter, an exclusive and almost untouched fishing hole at the base of the Newcastle Ranges. Enjoy a scenic flight along the Robertson River and the opportunity to catch Black Bream (Sooty Grunter) and Sleepy Cod, as well as other varieties of fish. Recognised by Great Northern as a quintessential Australian location, fly here and have a beer! Lunch and drinks included. Being a charter it is a whole of aircraft hire, regardless if there is 1, 2 or 3 persons. Maximum 3 passengers.

Heli Fishing Adventure 4.5-5 Hours - 2021 Rates
1 - 3 Persons $1,137 Book Now
Scenic Helicopter Flight Cobbold Gorge

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