Are you ready for your Gulf Savannah adventure?
Cobbold Gorge tours and accommodation are only a six-hour drive from Cairns or Townsville. Whether you come by plane, train or automobile, making your way to the heart of the Gulf Savannah to experience the outback wonder of Cobbold Gorge is simple. Check out the details below to assist in your trip planning, plus there are more Handy Hints on our FAQ’s page – ‘Getting here.

  • By road from Cairns – take the Kennedy Highway through the picturesque Atherton Tablelands travelling towards Mount Garnet. From here, the famous Savannah Way continues via the Gulf Developmental Road to Mt Surprise and onto Georgetown. At Georgetown, head 42km south (which includes 8km unsealed road) to Forsayth. You then have a further 43km of formed gravel road (maintained by the Etheridge Shire Council) from Forsayth to the front gates of Cobbold Village.
  • By road from Townsville – drive the scenic route for 143km along the Hervey Range Road, spotting deer and wallabies on the way. Turn right onto the Gregory Development Road and drive a further 160km to The Lynd Junction. Turn left 3km passing the Oasis Roadhouse, then turn right onto the Einasleigh Road, which is 76km of formed gravel (dirt) road. From Einasleigh to Forsayth is another 67km of mostly sealed road through the beautiful Newcastle Ranges. From Forsayth, follow the directional signage 43km to Cobbold Village.
  • By road from Hughenden or Charters Towers – if you’re coming via Hughenden – follow the Hann Highway to the Lynd Junction / Oasis Roadhouse. From The Lynd to Cobbold Gorge via Einasleigh and Forsayth is approx. 185km of which 125km is gravel. Or from Charters Towers – take the Gregory Developmental Road to The Lynd Junction.

Road conditions – it’s quite a subjective thing re the road and you’ll always hear differing views. We recommend guests allow an hour to drive in (which is generous). Here’s the drum:

  • Of the 45km from Forsayth to the front gate of Cobbold Village – the last 43km is a public, gazetted formed gravel (dirt) road managed by Etheridge Shire Council.
  • Council does grade the road and condition depends on how recently it’s been graded, plus how many vehicles have been on it (so the road is sometimes corrugated).
  • Most conventional vehicles will handle the journey to Cobbold Gorge with ease, including those towing caravans. We do have two-wheel drive vehicles and non-off-road caravans come in, so it really depends on what you’re used to and what you’re comfortable with.

    So, how long is a piece of string? Always ensure you drive to conditions, plus you can check with local roadhouses on your way through.
    As road conditions are subject to change, we recommend you check either with Etheridge Shire Council for the latest road updates or contact us.

    Then at the end of the road at Cobbold Village you’ll find excellent camping and caravanning facilities as well as a range of ensuite cabins and accommodation, all ready for your fabulous Cobbold experience! Safe travels.

    Hire cars – if you plan to hire a car to drive to Cobbold Gorge – we recommend you check with the individual hire car company beforehand to understand their policies regarding driving on ‘formed gravel road’, as the policies may differ from one company to the next.
    Depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll encounter dirt road. If you’re travelling from Cairns, there is an additional approx. 8km of gravel between Georgetown and Forsayth, and one of the routes from Townsville (via Einasleigh) includes approx. 76km of gravel between The Lynd and Einasleigh. Then, of the 45km from Forsayth to the front gate of Cobbold Village – the last 43km is a public, gazetted formed gravel (dirt) road managed by Etheridge Shire Council.
    As noted above, most conventional vehicles will handle the journey to Cobbold Gorge with ease, including those towing caravans, plus we have two-wheel drive vehicles and non-off-road caravans come in, however your Hire Car company may specify that you require a 4WD for the trip – so always double-check with the rental company first, before making your booking.

    By air – if you’re on a tight timeline, you may decide to fly, landing at Forsayth on the sealed 1.5km all-weather airstrip. Co-ordinates are S18 35 E143 34 and AvGas can be arranged with advance notice. We’re also able to arrange airport transfers to and from Cobbold Village. Simply contact us with your details.


If you’re unable to make your way to Cobbold Gorge via your own transport, consider a Day Tour instead. Departing from Forsayth, our Cobbold Gorge Day Visitor Tours ex Forsayth are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from April to October. Leaving Goldfields Hotel around 9.30am, we transfer you to Cobbold Village for lunch and then you’ll enjoy the 1.30pm guided Cobbold Gorge tour, before we return you to Forsayth at approximately 5.30pm. Your price includes all transfers, lunch plus your tour.

Bookings are essential and subject to availability, simply contact us to secure your place. Times may vary, and we’ll provide confirmation at time of booking.

Or, you might prefer to let someone else do all the planning for you, and join one of the many extended touring operations which visit various locations across the Gulf Savannah and Tropical North Queensland, some of which include rail travel. These organised tours are not operated by Cobbold Gorge Tours but do include our fabulous destination. Each offers its own unique itinerary, with various departure points and durations – all you need to decide is which one best suits you!


To make the most of your North Queensland outback holiday, contact us for friendly advice on accommodation, tours, self-drive options, activities to suit children and other useful tips about visiting the area. A minimum stay of three days is recommended to fully appreciate what’s on offer around Cobbold Gorge, but you really should allow a few days more to explore more of the Gulf Savannah’s diverse natural wonders.

Please note – Cobbold Gorge Tours and Village is open from 1 April (or Easter if earlier) until 31 October annually. We’re closed at other times, due to access and weather.

Happy planning and we hope to see you soon!

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