Cobbold Gorge Tours and Accommodation / Terms & Conditions

Cobbold Village legal business name is Cobbold Gorge Tours Pty Ltd. We seek your co-operation to ensure your stay at Cobbold Gorge (and that of other guests) is enjoyable, peaceful and a pleasant place for you to spend your holiday. To assist us in enabling this objective be achieved, we ask all guests to abide by the following rules:

House Rules

  1. Noise – as this is a family orientated environment, we ask that you respect the rights of other guests by observing ‘Quiet Time’ between 10:00pm and 6:00am each day where noise is kept to minimum levels. Offensive behaviour or rowdy parties will not be tolerated and will result in the offenders being evicted from the park with forfeiture of all monies paid.
  2. Smoking – we have a ‘No Smoking’ policy in place. This applies to the interior of all buildings, and 4 metres from a doorway, including the accommodation cabins, Reception, amenities block, swimming pool and restaurant areas.
  3. Alcohol – Management reserves the right to enforce compliance regarding the consumption of excess alcohol. Guests who disregard the instruction of management will be asked to leave the property without any reimbursement of accommodation costs.
  4. Speed limit – for the safety of all guests, the driving speed throughout Cobbold Village grounds is 5km/h or walking pace only.
  5. Property – please be advised guests will be held liable for any damage or theft sustained to the property of Cobbold Gorge Tours and any loss of keys will incur a $50 replacement fee.
  6. Any damage caused to Cobbold Village property or accommodation will be recovered from the fee payable by way of deduction from your credit card or an invoice to the name of the principal party securing the accommodation, which may include the reasonable costs of loss rental if a unit is unable to be made available to future guests due to the actions of yourself or a member of your party.
  7. Keys – please be advised that any loss of keys will incur a $50 replacement fee.
  8. Animals – no animals are permitted within any accommodation units or communal areas such as MacDonald’s Bar & Bistro, swimming pool & surrounding grass area or Reception area. Any animals being brought on site in vans / vehicles must be declared at the time of booking and must always be on a leash. We do not have pet minding facilities and pets are not allowed on tour. If you have pets at your site, please secure them safely in your van /vehicle and on a leash when walking around the Village. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after your pet. Owners of pets who disturb other guests will be asked to leave the property without any reimbursement of accommodation costs.
  9. Tours – guests are requested to check tour times and assemble outside the deck of Reception 10 minutes prior to tour departure time fully prepared with items you have been requested to bring.
  10. Drones – Cobbold Gorge and Cobbold Village are ‘DRONE NO FLY ZONES’ as per CASA regulations – as our helicopter operates in these areas. Guests who disregard this rule and put others in danger will be asked to leave the property without any reimbursement of accommodation costs.
  11. Loss – Cobbold Gorge Tours takes no responsibility for any lost or stolen items from accommodation or vehicles and suggests that guests securely lock their unit and/or vehicle when unoccupied.
  12. Generators – are not allowed at Cobbold Village.
  13. Guests – maximum number of guests per site is six.
  14. Access to Cobbold Gorge – is by guided tour only. Any person caught accessing Cobbold Gorge Nature Refuge while not on a tour will be prosecuted by the Queensland Police Service.

If any of the above rules are breached, you and/or your group may be requested to leave the park immediately, without any refund being provided.

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Please note that Cobbold Village and Cobbold Gorge are now closed. We will re-open for the 2024 season, on 25 March 2024 and look forward to seeing you then. In the meantime, you can secure your preferred dates and tours by booking ahead online. Thank you for your support.