Weather at Cobbold Gorge

What do I need to pack for my road trip / holiday?
Will it be hot / cold / sunny / dry / rainy??

When you’re planning a trip to Cobbold Gorge, it’s worthwhile understanding our climate. We’re located in the Etheridge Shire, the golden heart of the gulf in outback North Queensland. Like much of the rest of northern Queensland, we experience two distinct types of weather – a ‘wet season’ over spring and summer and a ‘dry season’ during autumn and winter.
At Cobbold Gorge and Village – we’re open during the ‘dry’ season (April to October)

Wet season (November to March) – Cobbold Gorge & Village closed
The ‘wet season’ is hot, especially during the day when temperatures can range between 32.4 and 36.5 degrees Celsius. Even at night it rarely drops below 20 degrees Celsius during spring and summer and it also rains. Sometimes a lot. In fact, Cobbold Gorge has recorded as much as 235.7mm rainfall in a single January day! Over the course of the ‘wet season’ – the Cobbold Gorge weather oscillates between very hot and dry, to hot and wet, and receives on average 782.5mm of rain.

Cobbold Gorge Tours and Village are closed from November to March, during the ‘wet season’

As well as being an ‘uncomfortable’ time, these ‘wet season’ weather conditions also mean that Cobbold Gorge and Village is sometimes completely isolated from Forsayth and other nearby townships due to flooded roads. We’re not the only ones though – many parts of the Gulf of Carpentaria and Cape York Peninsula become isolated during the ‘wet’, with impassable roads and bridges. So, weather wise, this isn’t a great time to visit Cobbold Gorge Tours and Village – which is why we’re closed during the ‘wet season’ from November to March.

Dry season (April to October) – Cobbold Gorge & Village open
Bring on the dry season and our time to shine for fabulous weather! Between April and October during the ‘dry season’ – we throw the gates open at Cobbold Gorge and Village. Average day time temperatures range between 28.1 and 32.9 degrees Celsius, while overnight temperatures vary between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius. And rainfall is minimal, with less than 58mm being recorded in total between May and September – all perfect for holidaying.

Cobbold Gorge Tours and Village are open in the ‘dry season’, from 1 April (or Easter if earlier) until 31 October annually, with beautiful weather

There are big blue-sky days, spectacular outback sunrises and sunsets, then at night, a velvet canvas arches overhead dotted with millions of stars and the ever-present Milky Way. When you come to stay or visit, you have the option for camping, caravanning or taking advantage of ensuited accommodation which is air conditioned for your comfort. You certainly don’t have to give up the creature comforts of home when you stay at Cobbold Village!

To make the most of this glorious time, Cobbold Gorge Tours and Village are open in the ‘dry season’, from 1 April (or Easter if earlier) until 31 October annually, with beautiful weather for you to enjoy.

If you’re camping during the winter months, we usually experience glorious days, however remember to rug up a little more for nights. Plus of course, there’s always the option of a campfire at night (BYO firewood) and we always have a communal campfire on the dam wall each night where you can meet new friends and enjoy the great outdoors (we call it Face Time of a different kind!)

Hopefully this has you sorted for your packing. You can also check the weather for nearby Forsayth (43km away) to help with your planning.

Another handy packing tip is to lay all the clothes you think you’ll need out on the bed – and then put half of them back!! Good luck with it and we look forward to seeing you at Cobbold Gorge and Village, our unique piece of the Gulf Savannah landscape and outback Queensland – sometime soon!

Safe travels.

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