New Geckospecies at Cobbold

Imagine the excitement of discovering a new species! Maintaining a protected area can play a huge role in ensuring there are environments where flora and fauna can still flourish, and the importance of Cobbold Gorge as such an area is no exception.

Scientists from the Australian National University (ANU) discovered two new species of Gecko at Cobbold Gorge Nature Refuge, when the Geckos were found in the gorge and surrounding sandstone escarpment. Our Cobbold Gorge Nature Refuge covers 4,720ha of sandstone escarpment and dry savannah and was established in 2009 in partnership with the Queensland Government to protect several vulnerable and rare plant species, and it also forms important wildlife corridors and catchment linkages in the area – a special place.

New Gecko species discovered at Cobbold Gorge Nature Refuge

Gaye Bourke from ANU’s Research School of Biology said the discovery of new animal species was exciting on a number of fronts. She said that biodiverse areas such as Cobbold Gorge were always an indication of healthy habitat.

Why these two species should be found in a remote Jurassic, Hampstead sandstone environment formed more than 130 million years ago is a mystery, but one to which there could be a plausible explanation. For more information, see the Townsville Bulletin article online.

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