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A great way to truly appreciate Cobbold Gorge and outback Queensland is to also see it from above, it’s like the icing on the cake after an amazing Gorge Tour or Stand Up Paddle Board tour – you’ve experienced it from within, now have a bird’s eye view as well.

Our Cobbold Gorge scenic helicopter tours allow you the amazing opportunity to view the gorge and the spectacular savannah landscape from above, giving you a whole new perspective of this vast countryside. You have a range of flights to choose from in set packages and durations, or we’ll even customise a flight for you – it doesn’t get better than that!

So, what’s a heli flight over Cobbold Gorge like? Here’s a review from a guest who enjoyed our 15-minute Sandstone Discovery scenic helicopter flight.

“Taking off into the golden light of pre-sunset, it was amazing to see the landscape quickly open up beneath us. It’s a vast country, covered with trees and criss-crossed with unsealed roads and cattle tracks. You instantly get a new perspective of this truly pioneering country, still largely untamed and untouched. Soon we were gliding over the Hampstead Sandstone. From above, the markings are striking and unworldly. Almost like a lunar landscape and vastly different from what I was expecting or envisaged, having done the Cobbold Gorge Tour earlier in the day.

Cobbold Gorge Scenic Helicopter Tours trip review – Sandstone Discovery

The sandstone is criss-crossed with deep fractures, which were caused by movement along the Robertson Fault line. There are two types of bedding visible, large and generally horizontal beds, which contain smaller inclined layers within them known as cross-bedding. The cross-beds are typical of those formed in rivers and streams. While the sandstone is undoubtedly the dominant feature from the air, it’s pocketed with trees and other vegetation which varies across the steep inclines and down into deep ravines. It’s an ancient landscape and one can only imagine the difficulties in traversing this country, during present cattle-grazing and prior mining and exploration activities.

The pilot provides commentary throughout the Cobbold Gorge scenic helicopter tour, through headsets with a microphone for two-way communication. He is engaging and informative and lets us know we’re moving to trace the origins of Cobbold Gorge and follow its pathway as it winds through the sandstone. From above, you get a unique perspective on its scale and an understanding of why this natural treasure was left ‘undiscovered’ for so many years. Lying almost hidden, within the labyrinth of the Hampstead Sandstone. The rocks below almost seem to glow, bouncing back the golden rays of the last light of the day.

The 15-minute Cobbold Gorge scenic helicopter tours pack a lot of punch and covers more than 80 square kilometres.

From the gorge, we track back along the Robertson River and Agate Creek, before doing a loop of Cobbold Village and coming back to land. For a 15-minute flight, the Cobbold Gorge scenic helicopter tour packs a lot of punch and covers more than 80 square kilometres. We enjoyed this as a family of three, two adults and a 6-year old who had the time of his life. The pilot was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The landscape was timeless and to see it above, provided a truly unique perspective on the terrain of the gulf savannah, and respect for those who roam amongst it.”

So – this is a guest review, and perhaps it’s time for you to make up your own mind now. We have a range of heli tours to choose from or we can tailor something specifically for you.

Now that’s how to enjoy your ultimate Cobbold Gorge adventure!

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