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Work is well underway on the construction of the new Cobbold Gorge glass bridge. The 11 metre bridge will span the width of the gorge, allowing visitors to walk over the sandstone cliffs and peer into the water below. Cobbold Gorge is Queensland’s youngest gorge and has striking sheer walls, which narrow to a mere 2 metres wide in places. Currently, visitors can experience the gorge on a guided tour, which includes an interpretive walk to the escarpment above and then a cruise through the gorge on an electric boat. Other Cobbold Gorge touring options included a guided stand-up paddle boarding tour through the gorge, or scenic helicopter flight over it and the surrounding landscape.

The 11 metre Cobbold Gorge Glass Bridge, will span the width of the gorge.

The new Cobbold Gorge glass bridge will provide another dimension to the visitor experience, providing exceptional viewing opportunities along the length of the gorge. The walkway width is 2 metres clear spacing between edge beams. The floor will be made of glass panels, with glass balustrades on the sides. Cobbold Gorge Tours and Village were excited and honoured to receive State Government funding, from the Outback Tourism Infrastructure Fund, to assist with the development and construction of the bridge.

Construction is underway during our 2019 operational season. The official opening will be in 2020.

“Through the support of the State Government, the new Cobbold Gorge glass bridge will significantly improve the current tour by enhancing visitor experience and engagement with this unique attraction, in the Gulf Savannah region of Outback Queensland,” a Cobbold Gorge and Tours spokeswoman said. “This walkway, which will be similar to the Grand Canyon Skywalk (USA), will provide visitors with a thrilling experience. It will be strategically located to showcase areas of significant cultural heritage, as well as being of great importance for natural resources.”

“In conjunction with this project, we will improve access on the 640 meter walking track up to, and 640 meter track back, from the proposed viewing bridge. Safety features will include handrails, steps, safety barriers and a path barrier, preventing visitors from wandering off the track and damaging the fragile ecosystem of Cobbold Gorge Nature refuge.”

Construction on the new Cobbold Gorge glass bridge will continue during our 2019 operational season, with an official opening scheduled for April 2020.

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