Birdwatching bliss

Gulf Savannah region can be very rewarding for North Queensland birdwatchers, particularly in the dry season when birds congregate around water holes in the early morning and late afternoon.

Awake to the morning chorus and spot herons, ibis, finches, cormorants, parrots, honeyeaters and native birds as well as other wildlife species which call the Gulf Savannah home.

A number of marked bushwalking tracks of varying lengths offer great opportunities for birdwatchers and amateur photographers to get close to a plethora of North Queensland wildlife and birds — particularly around our large dam.

More than 100 bird species have been recorded at Cobbold Gorge. These include a variety of birds of prey, herons, ibis, cormorants, flycatchers, cockatoos, pigeons, finches, ducks, parrots and many more. Here's a comprehensive snapsot:

Cobbold Gorge Bird List192.44 KB