Cobbold Gorge Tours are thrilled to announce we are now an Advanced Ecotourism Operator! Advanced Ecotourism CertifiedWe have been successful in joining our world-leading

ECO Certification by demonstrating best practice with Cobbold Gorge Tours!.

What this means to us:

  • What were the main reasons Cobbold Gorge Tours wanted to achieve Advanced Ecotourism Certification? Cobbold Gorge Tours wants to recognise the great work we are doing in Ecotourism in regard to infrastructure, product development and forward planning to preserve our natural assets.

  • Why is it important for Cobbold Gorge Tours to have Advanced Ecotourism Certification and promote it to consumers and potential customers? We believe that Accreditation will give us an advantage and help us stand out from the crowd, and lets us promote our commitment to businesses sustainability and planning, environmental management, interpretation and education, and contribution to conservation to our consumers and potential customers

  • Why does Cobbold Gorge Tours believe other Queensland tourism operators should also obtain accreditation or certification (either through Ecotourism Australia or other recognised programs)? The Accreditation process enables you to formulate best business practices and align policies and procedures to your customer and business needs.

  • What would you say to other operators who believe accreditation or certification is “too hard” and isn’t worth the effort? Do not look at it as a task, look at it as creating a business toolkit that provides essential business resources. Cobbold Gorge Tours already satisfied all the Accreditation requirements, it was just a matter of putting everything in order.

                        Cobbold Gorge Staff                                      2015 ECO Advanced Ecotourism Certificate Cobbold Gorge Tours