Scientists from the Australian National University have discovered two new species of gecko at the Cobbold Gorge Nature Refuge.

The geckos , which are still to be officially named and described were found in the gorge and surrounding sandstone escarpment. The Cobbold Gorge Nature Refuge covers 4720 ha of sandstone escarpment and dry savannah and was established in 2009 in partnership with the Queensland Governmentto protect a number of vulnerable and rare plant species.  It also forms important wildlife corridors and catchment linkages in the area.Gecko Story Cairns Post

Gaye Bourke from ANU’s Research School of Biology said the discovery of new animal species was exciting on a number of fronts. She said that biodiverse areas such as Cobbold Gorge were always an indication of healthy habitat.

The names and descriptions of these unique geckos will be published in the coming months.