What do you do during the closed season?

This question is a fairly common one throughout the year.  The answer?  What dont we do?


Drive through powered sitesDrive through powered sitesOur 'closed' season (November through to March) is when the capital works projects commence. These are projects that cannot be undertaken during our tourist season due to the inconvenience it would cause our guests, not to mention the fact that when the visitors start to arrive, there's no spare time!

Previous years' projects include the refurbishment of the Boundary Huts and Rouseabout Rooms, concreting walkways throughout the village, the installation of the modern amenities block in the camping ground - the list goes on.  


The most recent projects undertaken were the creation of our new drive-thorough powered sites, the levelling and pebbling of our existing powered sites and ensuite sites, the new round-about garden near the entrance and a beautiful garden next to the reception building.  

Lots of patience, man power (and machinery power) were needed.  Some of the rocks used to border the gardens and in the retaining walls for the new sites are humungous and much skill was required in their transport and placement.